Benefits on Properly Organizing Products on Stores / Grocery Stores
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Benefits on Properly Organizing Products on Stores / Grocery Stores

This article tells the benefits on arranging products in a grocery or any stores. Benefits like easy to find products, "slow moving" products can sell, minimize damaged, expire and lost products, increase profit through store advertisements and maximize the store's selling area. It gives emphasis to the necessity of store's hygiene and explain how it helps improve its profits.

Arrangement of products in grocery stores is essential. And as customer, you might have observed that indeed those groceries are properly arrange according to product classifications, but then grocery owners have their reasons why they organize their products on their stores that way.

Generally, stores owners’ primary goal is to increase sales. Increasing sales is very basic. Just increase your customers and without doubt, sales will also increase. But there are also other benefits from properly arranging groceries on stores, not just increasing the number of customers to increase sales.

Here are some of the benefits from properly arranging products on grocery stores.

  1. Easy to find products. Well definitely, the easier for a customer to find a product that they want, the more they like it, and frequently go and buy stuffs on this “easy-to-find-stuff” store. This means you are gathering regular customers, and also, it will surely increase the number of new customers since regular satisfied customer often tell or share their friends their “easy-to-find-stuff” experiences. The more customers the more sales.
  2. “Slow moving” products can sell. “Slow moving” products are those seldom bought. Some store owners avoid selling “slow moving” products, since it gives them less sales, but if you wanted to gather regular customers, you need to put into their minds, that your stores offers everything that even those slow moving products are available in your stores. And since it is still a “slow moving” product, putting it on the right place can still bring you sales.
  3. Minimize damaged, expired and lost products. Properly organizing your products can easily locate particular stuff. Not only can easily customer find want they wanted to buy, but store’s merchandisers can also easily find near expiring products. At the same time, arranged products can lessen the damage, since customers don’t need to dig into product display that usually cause damage. And then of course, if it is properly organized then lost of products is minimized.
  4. Increase profit thru store advertisements. Product manufacturers do promote their products in several ways. Although they are paying big money for TV or radio advertisements, they are paying more on “in-store” advertisements. Yes! Manufacturers are actually paying store owners to advertise their products. And these advertisements, often involve the arrangement of their products in the store.
  5. Maximize the store’s selling area. If a store has a lesser or smaller selling area, properly arranging the products can maximize the use of its selling area. All the possible space can be used to display products at the same time it can still hold and display a much wider variety of products.

Lastly, proper arrangement of products reflects good store hygiene, and with good store hygiene means good products, good sales and good profits.

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