Reasons for Not Closing a Sale
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Reasons for Not Closing a Sale

It usually takes more effort and preparation to close a sale. There are salesmen who are very lucky that in their every attempt to sell, they were able to close a deal. On the other hand, there are many salesmen who couldnÂ’t even make a single sale. Read on to find out the reasons whyÂ…



Here are some of the reasons why a salesman doesn’t always close a sale:

  • Failure to properly introduce yourself to the customers can create a negative impression. Let them know you first by introducing yourself before you start talking about your products and services. Be calm and be friendly when making an introduction to make them feel at ease in your presence.
  • By not being able to hook the attention of customers to your product means one thing…that they are not at all interested in what you have to offer. If from the start they don’t show any interest, you must find ways to attract their attention. Otherwise, you will not make a sale.
  • Instead of asking the right questions to understand customer's needs and wants, you just keep on talking about your products. You cannot easily sell a product unless you understand what the customers want. And the best way to understand them is by knowing how to ask the right questions.
  • Meeting the customers unprepared can jeopardize your chances of making a sale. Customers have needs and wants and they want straight answers for their inquiries. A salesman who doesn’t have all the information about the products cannot satisfy customers’ questions, thus the greater the chances of not closing a sale.
  • Responding to sales call without a definite goal of what you want to achieve can bring you nowhere. It is important to set a goal even just for a small transaction for it will serve as your motivation to convince your customers to buy your products or services.
  • You assume too much that you know what the customers want that is why you don't bother to ask questions anymore. You need to ask to know what is in their minds. Your assumptions are not always right and it can jeopardize your chances of making a sale or closing a deal.
  • You don’t get your customers to buy your services and products if you were not able to establish rapport with them. You need to truly understand their needs and wants because that is what will set you apart from the other competitors.
  • You don't close a sale because you are not aware that your prospective customer is not really financially able to pay for the product. There are customers who just love to listen to a salesman doing a sales talk about a particular product but have no intentions to buy at all.

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