Staying the Course Even when Losing a Bid
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Staying the Course Even when Losing a Bid

Walking away from a losing deal can have devastating consequences. This article explains a little of the benefits of staying the course

Being a sales person can take a lot out of a person. If you think about it people may end up losing their hair because of lost sales or even unrealized potential. There’s just so much that goes on in the background when you’re trying to make a sale that it doesn’t make sense sometimes, and in some cases there are sales people that walk away from deals because of the stress factor related to the presentation and process of some companies.

Sales can definitely be a hectic opportunity if you really don’t know what you’re doing, but can be very rewarding if you take the time to continually evaluate your skills and your outcomes. Even successful outcomes should be evaluated with an empathic yet unbiased eye. For every sale is an opportunity for growth in one-way or another. Successful sales can give us just as much feedback as unsuccessful sales opportunities thus they should always be evaluated. This is the downfall of a lot of sales reps who think they know everything and no longer need to do any self critiquing. There’s a lot wrong with that thought process. For one thing, business is always changing. You can know everything today and tomorrow what you know is useless. The scope of business is mainly information and for you to be successful you need to be able to ask yourself what you know, whom you know, and how they can be used to your advantage.

Sometimes sales people often walk away from deals because nothing seems to be right or it seems as if the deal is dead in the water. The problem is even though it maybe a dead deal, it is still a deal worth considering if it doesn’t cost the company anything. Hit and run sales representatives are usually the ones who are quick to walk away from deals. Yes they may make a ton of money, but they make very little contacts and are less likely to convince a customer who wants to find other products and prices of their volubility. A customer will always consider a sales person who sticks with the process and is involved as much as possible with the sales process even when it seems they have lost the bid. Walking away has its benefits too don’t get me wrong. But you should always give the potential client the opportunity to walk away from the deal rather than you walking away. If you think the deal is going south, try to stick with it as long as possible even if you could stick to the end and lose it’s better because you show the client that your deal was worth your time. You should also develop of sense and knowing of exactly when you should walk away from the deal. But for the most part, it is 99.9% better if you stay until the very end, you may get a phone call in a few years because of your steadfastness.

 About Kevin Allen

I am an up and coming freelance writer / Marketer. One of the things you will notice is that I love to play with words. I can create anything and unravel anything for you. If you have a project you feel I can help you with please feel free to contact me – You can also IM me at or follow me on twitter@ metawriter

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