What Motivates Your Clients to Buy?
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What Motivates Your Clients to Buy?

There are motivating factors that make people buy. What are they and how can you use them?

When you are looking for business from new or existing clients what is it that motivates your clients to buy from you? If you understand the motivating forces you are more likely to get them to buy. When you are dealing with your customers look for these five motivating factors.


What does your product do? If you are selling income protection insurance for example don’t talk about the fact that it will give X amount of income for Y cost. Talk in terms of for just Y per month you will be able to keep your home and car plus feed your family! Security is powerful but it often it needs to be clearly demonstrated to the buyer what your product will do to give them security.


Customers like things to be done to suit them. Such phrases are “we can deliver at a time to suit you”, or “you can have it now, no need to come back later” and “we are open 7 days a week until late to handle any problems that you have” Convenience is a huge factor in many purchasing decisions.


People like to be empowered by what they buy. It could be something simple like if you buy this product you will no longer need a plumber if your drains get blocked. You will be empowered to do it yourself and save money. Power is a great motivator.


Here is a product that makes you feel better. It feels good. Of course you could apply this to a pair of shoes but it will apply to may things. For example it could be the comfort from owning double glazed windows, you will be warm and cosy during the winter


This can be peace of mind. Freedom from fear. This factor links well to the motivating power of security in some cases. If your home is secure because of the locks and intruder alarms you can enjoy peace of mind when you are in your home at night. It could be the holiday where you visit a peaceful island. There are many products that can give people peace.

You need to know your products well and then you will need to question your customers and see what is it that is likely to trigger them to buy. Ask questions like, “What are you looking for in this product?”and “What’s important to you when you replace your windows?”

Knowing what your customers motivating forces are will help you focus on the products and the particular aspects of the product that will satisfy their needs. Use those factors to explain and demonstrate your product and you will soon see sales increase.

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Roland Millward

Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Another excellent insightful write.

Excellent. Very informative and interesting. Write more !